About HEPI

The main idea behind the project is from one side to unite all excursion organizers to create a huge database of excursions, and form the other, to give our customers the ability to buy tickets using the system in real time. The sales of tickets is provided through an online service to local travel agencies, hotels and private accomodation owners.
They will be able to browse throught the Croatia excursions offered in the system and sell the tickets directly to the guests.
HEPI completely redefines how excursions are sold and organized. It would generate a bigger Croatia excursion offer for everyone but without the problem that the guests are divided into too small groups for excursions to be profitable.
Based on the interest we got from people involved in excursions, we have great confidence that the system gives a huge benefit for both; organizers, sellers and, most importantly, the guests.
More information about HEPI: http://sustav.hepi.hr/.