What you do when you are in Zadar

Zadar is not particularly big city; several nights of light walks along the riverside, and beautiful sunsets that illuminate the white smooth stone and you will soon get to the city. But what makes Zadar so special is the fact that the city is an excellent starting point for visiting national parks, the archipelago and numerous popular festivals nearby.

1. Boat trips from Zadar

Kornati archipelago, Telascica, Lake Mir, Saharun beach (Sakarun) and much more. You can enjoy in this beauty all year.

2. Day trips to the National parks from Zadar

National park Krka, National park Pltivice lakes, Nature park Paklenica and fameous archipelago Kornati. So much things to do in Zadar.

3. Walking tour of Zadar

You will see the church of St. Simeona, Prince's Palace, Land Gate, City Market, Sea Gate, City Walls, St. Krizogonja, Cathedral of Sv. StoŇ°ije, Forum itd. Best of all, you can be sure that guides are not only professionally accredited but also kind and will surely like you to show the "pearl of the Adriatic".

4. Fishing and Big game fishing adventure in Zadar

Your vacation can be even more spicey on the fishing adventure from Zadar. Enjoy on the boat, sunbath and swim then catch main price!

5. Wine tasting tour of Zadar

In the fertile fields of Ravni Kotari, in the little land that is hidden between the stone of Bukovica and the island, vineyards have grown ever since. With the valuable hands of the well-groomed peasants, she gave the juicy fruits from which the knowledge and skills of the wine-growers draw the best - the wines of the Zadar region. Be confident and go by the wine to get acquainted with the indigenous appetite, loneliness, debit and blue and see the quality of famous varieties of merlot, cabernet sauvignon and syrah.

6. Kayak adventure in Zadar

A completely new experience of Zadar watching it from the sea while you are active at the same time! There is no age limit or excellent condition is a prerequisite while at the same time fun and experience is guaranteed! Once you try you can not stop, there are many reasons for a kayak trip.

7. Extreme adventure in Zadar

Ehh... this ain't for everyone! Try yourself in the most remarkable and most fun time of your life!

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