What you do when you are in Split

Split is the city which can offer so much beacuse it has rich history - more then 1700 years old and it is surrounded with lot's of nature attractions. So it is ideal for day tours and trips to the National parks, nearby islands, river rafting and other adventures. So let's begin:

1. Day trips to National park Krka

This one day excursion is worth a visit, and you can swim at certain places in the park (Skradinski buk and Roški slapa). Take a boat in the national park and enjoy the incredible nature.

2. Day boat and sea trips to the nearby islands

Croatia has countless beautiful islands, each offering something truly unforgettable. Whether you want to visit some of the most exciting or famous islands - Brač, Hvar, Veliki Drvenik, Blue Lagoon and Šolta or simply want to enjoy the enchanting sunset on the Adriatic we have something for you.

3. Day trip to the Dubrovnik

Although it sounds unbelievable that you can go back there and back in the same day, many visitors who do not plan a night in Dubrovnik decide to visit this famous Croatian city in one day.

4. Day tours to the National park Plitvice lakes

This is the most popular national park in Croatia, and it is also under the protection of UNESCO since 1979. The park has 16 lakes (divided into Upper and Lower Lakes), two waterfalls and several endemic species. It is not allowed to swim in the lakes, but this does not diminish the enjoyment of beautiful nature, walks and boat ride around the park.

5. Walking tour of Split

Walking tour includes the Roman part of the town (Diocletian's palace) and the medieval part of town (Town Hall, promenade, Ribarnica ..) The ruins of the palace are located throughout the city. The cathedral, known as the church of St. Duje was built in the Middle Ages and used materials from the ancient mausoleum. Romanesque churches, medieval fortifications, Gothic palaces from the 15th century and other palaces in the Renaissance and Baroque style make up the rest of the protected area.

7. Day trips to the Mostar

This small town located in Bosnia and Herzegovina will surprise you with its cultural heritage. Do not miss their potatoes and enjoy the ritual drinking of traditional Bosnian coffee. Walk to the eastern part of town through narrow streets and traditional souvenirs, all the way to the famous bridge.

8. Rafting adventure in Split

Due to your gratifying geographic position, Split is sunny for most of the year so you will have the chance to try out different outdoor activities, especially during the summer, when there are numerous agencies that offer excursions, excursions and water sports. The most popular place for outdoor activities is Omiš, a town 30 km southeast of Split.

9. Zipline adventure in Split

Although there are several ziplines in Croatia, the first one is set over the Cetina canyon. If you are not sure what the zipline really is, it's a set of stainless steel wire cords that slid you over the cable at up to 65 km / h!

10. Kayak adventure in Split

If you do not want to leave Split, you can spend the day rowing in a kayak at the sea, climb up and jump from the cliffs at the beach of Kašjuni.

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