What you do when you are in Pula

Mild climate, untouched nature, clean and peaceful sea are not the only attractive factors for coming to Pula. Every corner and every street in this city hides some interesting attributes characteristic of this part of the Mediterranean.

1. Day trips to the National park Brijuni

Brijuni are the most interesting, largest and most intrusive group of islands along the West Coast coast. Along the West Coast there are several groups of islands among which the most interesting, the largest and most developed Brijuni group of 14 islands and islets.

2. Day tours to Baredine Cave

Jama Baredine, just 6 kilometers away from Poreč, is decorated for a tourist visit and can be traversed to a depth of 60 meters, with expert guidance. The pit is known and visited since ancient times, and the first documented research dates back to the beginnings of the last century by the speleologists of the Third Quarter when explored to a depth of 80 meters.

3. Excursions to National park Plitvice lakes

The most prominent and oldest national park in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes, has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979. It is located between Zagreb and Zadar, in the place marked on the old maps as the "Devil's Garden". The main attraction of this park, unique in the world, is made up of 16 small cascading lakes interconnected by waterfalls formed by the sedimentation of sedge, a special type of limestone.

4. Excursions to Lake Bled Slovenia from Pula

This lake is probably the most famous Slovenian place among tourists and you definitely should not miss it when it comes to one-day excursions from Pula, and if you have already seen the photos of Bled, you will understand why it is so. There are many reasons why you should visit this tourist attraction, but what you need is to enjoy the view as you walk along the shore of a crystal-blue lake at the foot of the snow covered Julian Alps.

5. Trips to Venice from Pula

The island town of Venice has, through history, lobbied with its beauty and power. If you are near the Pula, do not miss a chance to experience its charms.

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